Rey's Parentage Really Isn't That Important and We'll Learn More About Finn's Past in THE LAST JEDI


I know a lot of Star Wars fans are wondering who Rey's parents are. But according to Daisey Ridley, it ultimately doesn't matter that much. She talks about her character in a new interview with EW, and in it, she explains that know who her parents are won't change who she is and the journey she is on.

“You can always look for answers and that doesn’t mean that the rest of your life is so easy. It’s not like, oh, I know who my parents are so now everything falls into shape, especially in the Star Wars world."

Of course, Rey needs to eventually find out who her parents are so she doesn't have that burden on her anymore. She needs to know so that she can move on with her life. Ridley explains:

“Yes, it would potentially change her mind, or at least give her a little bit more peace in moving forward. But ultimately what’s coming is coming, and whatever abilities she has are there. So, personally, I think it’s less important than even she may think.”

That's an interesting way to look at it. Parents don't make a person who they are. Yeah, they start a person off on their journey but during that journey, anything can happen! Anakin Skywalker had a loving mother but he still ended up turning to the dark side. Luke and Leia's father was Darth Vader but they ended up being good in the end. Kylo Ren is another example. Each person makes their own choices on their life journey and those choices mold them into the people that they ultimately become. Ridley goes on to say:

“What’s wonderful is it’s not so cut and dry, who’s good and who’s bad and that’s not me saying, ‘Oh, my God, some people are gonna go bad.' There’s always room for bad people to make good decisions and vice versa. Again, that could be nothing to do with your parents and it could be everything to do with your parents.”

Rey isn't the only character in the Star Wars universe that has a mysterious past. There's also still so much we don't know about John Boyega's character Finn. When he was a child he was taken from wherever he's from and groomed to be a Stormtrooper. 

We will learn more about his past in the upcoming Star Wars films and we will learn more about his family as well. When asked about it, Boyego tells EW:

“Yeah, definitely. But it’s not explored in depth in Episode VIII. But he definitely has a past that is troubled. … I don’t know how all that’s going to play out.”

Sounds like we might not get to Finn's past until Episode IX. But, the actor does say we'll learn more about his past in The Last Jedi. He says:

“We will learn more about his past and where he came from, and potentially why he made the decision [to escape] that he made. I’m also very curious. The question that needs to be answered is why he decided to leave as a stormtrooper in the first place. We will find out just a little bit more about him.”

Rey and Finn won't really be together that much in The Last Jedi. They are both going to be on a separate journey and along the way, they will learn more about themselves. Director Rian Johnson says:

“The big thematic push and pull in the movie is the past and what role the past has in moving us forward into the future."

Lot's of exciting stuff for Star Wars fans to look forward to! To catch up on all of our Star Wars: The Force Awakens news, click here

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